SYSO is an all Volunteer board comprised of busy parents just like you!

We will do our best to respond to your questions or concerns in a timely manner - hopefully within 24 hours.

We cannot fix it if we do not know what is wrong. Please give us an opportunity to explain WHY something is done

the way it is rather than having an issue with the entire program.

Please email us with any issues or questions you have at or by using the form below.

  • RESTROOMS: If you have an issue regarding the restrooms, please contact the City of Sturgis Parks & Rec Dept. They are responsible for the cleaning & restocking of supplies for the restrooms at Franks Park.

  • FIELD & GOAL USAGE: If you have a question regarding the use of Franks Park, please contact the Doyle Center. SYSO owns the goals and nets but not the fields. Any use of the fields by other groups must be approved by the Doyle Center. SYSO does not allow other groups to use the goals and nets due to liability issues.

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Sturgis Youth Soccer Organization

Mailing Address: PO Box 815, Sturgis, MI


President: Mark Larimer

Vice President: Frank Perez

Secretary: Gabe Alvez

At Large: Matt Holden

Youth Rep: Alex Median

Director of Soccer: David Smith